Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snaps of the Day

Mount Timpanogis

Inverted the Colors

Head Light

Barn in Heber Valley


Heber Valley Barn

Found the local Bald Eagle again today

Getting ready to take off. He did right after i snapped this.

Heber Valley Rail Road

Heber Valley Rail Road #2

Heber Valley Rail Road #3


Deer just up the road from my place.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Heber Valley Rail Road Engine


McKinley. I took this when we were on a road trip from Texas to Utah. She just woke up.

Fall Color

All Bundled up in the snow.

3 ducks.


Mount Timpanogis. I loved the cloud hovering in the middle of the mountain.

Monarchs. I took this picture in 2007 in Galveston, Texas. Liz and I went to this island and to an old military Fort and we kept seeing all of these monarchs. So we jumped a fence and found a tree filled with hundreds of them. This is the only picture i got before the camera battery died,but they were everywhere. Beautiful.