Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do I have an Eye or Hand for this

I have always loved going into Galleries and Museums and looking at the fantastic art and photographs. I have always considered myself an artist, i love to draw, and take pictures. I have been told i have an eye for photography. I am not so sure about that, but i do enjoy it and i am going to start sharing photographs and drawing  that i have done.   I hope you enjoy what you see. Comments are always welcome.  Thanks and enjoy.


Utah State Bull


Fall Colors in Heber Valley

Tank Tracks: Hyrum City Cemetery

Storm Clouds over Heber Valley

Cascade Falls


Leaning to the left

Golden barked Aspen

Where does the Pipe Go????

Down the Center

Through the Trees

Park City Barn

Fall Colors: Rock Cliff State Park

Fall Colors: Rock Cliff State Park


Bald Eagle: Heber Valley

Early Snow /Sun Set: Parents backyard

Smiling  Barn in Idaho

Ice Water